Caffe Concerto – Worldwide Culinary Creations in the Heart of Koreatown

Photo Courtesy of Caffe Concerto

Koreatown, k-town, has plenty of eclectic restaurants but few shine stand out like Caffe Concerto! It’s a chic establishment that caters to worldwide flavors!

Photo Courtesy of Caffe Concerto

The restaurant recently acquired Chef Terry Kim, who studied and worked at a Michelin star restaurant in France and has brought a new European/Korean flair to its offerings.

Located in the heart of k-town, near the industrial intersection of Wilshire and Western, Concerto is in a league of its own. From the décor to the dishes, the restaurant is complex. The space is unique and even spans to the top floor which has a more “fine dining” feel.

Photo Courtesy of Caffe Concerto

The menu can be a bit intense due to its size, however, there are plenty of delicious dishes to try! The Kimchi Carbonara is enticing and an absolute must! Comprised of sautéed kimchi, bacon, onion, garlic, and parmigiana it is everything but ordinary. It’s a mix of flavors that delightfully tickles your palettes. The gorgonzola crusted filet mignon is another satisfying dish. Complete with potato puree, charred broccolini, crispy onions, and horseradish crema it’s a heightened twist on a classic!

Photo Courtesy of Caffe Concerto

Recently the restaurant launched its tasting menu which offers a bit of best sellers all in one meal! The sample menu consists of:

· Tuna Tartar – Asian marinate tuna, granny smith apple, eatable flower

· Tomato Salad – Persimmon dressing, cherry tomatoes, tomato sorbet, parsley oil, olive crumbs

· Ravioli – Basil shrimp ravioli, crab sauce, coriander

· Duck Breast – Brined duk breast, barley risotto, raisins, braised red cabbage

· Tenderloin Steak – Tenderloin, kimchi dumpling, fried quinoa, mashed potato

Photo Courtesy of Caffe Concerto

Be sure to leave room for dessert as the dessert is equally impressive. Fruit tarts, cupcakes, cheesecakes, and macarons (made in house) are just a few of the items you’ll have to choose from!

Looking for a high-end dinner packed with creative flavors? Look no further, Concerto It’s simply a must-try!

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