Hacienda Encantada – An Enchanted Mission Dedicated to Serving Relaxation

Photo Courtesy of Hacienda Encantada

Los Cabos may have many top-tier resorts that have incredible offerings, however there is one that doesn’t quite stack up like Hacienda Encantada. Located off of the Sea of Cortez, Hacienda Encantada delivers a multi-tier experience like no other. Truthfully, Los Cabos has always been a premier travel destination. It’s a destination that is a quick flight and caters to various travelers, especially if you’re located in Los Angeles. 

Hacienda Encantada is the PERFECT amount of relaxation! Photo Courtesy of Hacienda Encantada

Current day shows Cabos rapid expansion with many hotel partners choosing to open its doors. It’s the new standard of luxury as developers are maximizing the unrivaled beauty of the local area.  From boutiques to world renown hospitality giants, there isn’t a shortage of vacation stays. When it comes to luxury at an attractive price rate Hacienda Encantada does it right. 

Each room has it’s own vibrant Spanish vibe! The architecture and bright colors accent the cheerful atmosphere of the resort. Photo Courtesy of Hacienda Encantada

Located a short 15-minute drive from Downtown, Hacienda Encantada creates the perfect itinerary for your ideal stay. Whether you’d like a bit of nightlife or complete solitude, you can have them both at this luxurious 222-room resort. Afterall Hacienda Encantada was voted  as one of the top 25 best resorts in western Mexico by Conde Nast Traveler!

A stay at Hacienda Encantada is pure bliss. Photo Courtesy of Hacienda Encantada

With the backdrop of endless sea and the soft melodic waves crashing against the shoreline, the property offers a plethora of breathtaking opportunities and relaxation from every corner. The resort delivers a more rugged quintessential Cabo experience. Although the beach may not entirely be swimmer-friendly, the unmatched isolation and sheer beauty of the resort are incredibly undeniable.

Photo Courtesy of Hacienda Encantada

The resort boasts three swimming pools! One adults-only area as well as family-friendly options. Grab a cocktail from one of the many swim-up bars and soak it in. 

The cuisine is far from ordinary! Guests can opt for the all-inclusive plan or European option giving attendees the chance to savor the vibrant dining scene in Cabo. Whether it’s gourmet dining or quick bites there is no shortage of culinary delights. Attendees can savor delectable seafood, authentic Mexican cuisine, fresh seafood from the sparkling Sea of Cortez guests will be able to try the best of the best when it comes to culinary pieces reflecting the variety of Los Cabos. 

Photo Courtesy of Hacienda Encantada

The all-inclusive plan gives guests plenty of dining options both on and off the property. Italian, upscale Mexican cuisine, mesquite grills are only a few of the options. There are over 9 restaurants on-site, however there are an additional 9 restaurants and bars in the Golden Zone & Marina Fiesta (an equally stunning sister property) that guests can choose from.

The welcoming ambiance, lavish services, and upscale amenities will leave you feeling pampered from the moment you arrive to the minute you regretfully have to leave. Hacienda Encantada, your home away from home.

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