Mijo Modern Mexican Restaurant – Giving You Mexican Flavors Like No One Else in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas has become home to a great selection of Mexican restaurants in recent years, so entering into this food genre, you better as they say “go big or go home”. Mijo Modern Mexican Restaurant inside Durango Casino & Resort definitely went big, with a restaurant that will resonate with all your senses from the minute you walk through the entrance.

Charred Octopus (Courtesy Mijo)

Mijo offers many memorable experiences, drinks and food, but when it comes to that one must-try dish, it is their charred octopus. If you are looking for what would have to be considered the signature dish at Mijo, this is it. Mijo starts off with always the freshest octopus and they do the same with all of their fish dishes and from there, it is grilled to perfection. What makes this dish so special, beyond the fact that when it is served it is just stunningly beautiful, but it is that perfect char that gives it that smoky flavor that is elevated with chorizo and then with it being so fresh, each bite is incredibly tender. Finally, this might be the largest serving of octopus you will find in Las Vegas.

Executive Chef Donald K. Thompson II (Photo Stephan Martin)

Fresh fish and fresh ingredients are highlighted throughout the Mijo menu. Still, the secret behind it all is the creativity and care that Executive Chef Donald K. Thompson II puts into each dish. Chef Donald brings authentic Mexican ingredients and flavors to the Mijo menu, serving up not only classic Mexican food but also his modern versions of some all-time favorite dishes. Whatever you order, you are sure to get a meal that is anything but your typical Mexican dish. The list of tacos has a version for everyone. You can choose from: shrimp, carnitas, quesabirria (shredded beef), carne asada, grilled chicken, butter-poached lobster and a crispy avocado version.

Sea Bass Ceviche

The menu is as wide-ranging and as equally of high quality that you will find anywhere in Las Vegas, but if you don’t try at least one fish dish, you are missing out. There is a sea bass ceviche, tiraditos that include a beautiful hamachi with citrus yuzu and bluefin tuna with mango and pickled shallot. From the grill, if you are looking for a true experience, the whole grilled branzino is full of flavor and cooked flawlessly. Or how about a two-pound butter poached and grilled lobster that is served with a chili lobster cream sauce. This selection would make most seafood restaurants jealous.


Mijo has put tequila front and center for cocktails, and they serve up a unique collection of margaritas, featuring spicy mango, blood orange, honeydew melon, and prickly pear. Mijo even brought tequila to the espresso martini, as their version of this cocktail is centered around Tres Generaciones Añejo Tequila. Mijo has an imposing wine list that gives you even more options, perfect to pair with the 55-ounce grilled tomahawk on the menu.

Make sure to save room for dessert! Mijo takes the same creativity to turn dessert into an experience. Mexican Twinkies, a great twist on the childhood treat, combines vanilla pound cake, strawberry guava and marshmallow. If you are looking for the classic churro, Mijo will give you a trio of flavors: chocolate, strawberry and dulce de leche. After what is bound to be a more than filling meal, you might want something a little lighter and the fruit de crema brings together the perfect dessert to not overwhelm after such a meal. This beautiful dessert is centered around a sweet and light coconut cream, fresh berries and just a hint of cinnamon. But if you want a true Las Vegas dessert the “Diablo Skull En Fuego” is that dessert you will never forget. That is everything you could want in a dessert, chocolate flan smothered in a Mexican chocolate mocha sauce and a fresh red fruit salsa that is all brought together when the skull is fired up and melts to complete the presentation while bringing all the ingredients together.

Fruit de crema

Mijo serves up an environment that is made for any group and any event. If you want to taste one of their many high-end tequilas or a cocktail with friends, the bar is stunning and lends itself to a fun and social setting. The dining room at Mijo is also picturesque and gives you the upscale and elegant vibe you expect from Las Vegas. Finally, to provide a third option, you can get a more intimate experience with the Wax Rabbit, a very cool speakeasy made for an after-dinner hangout. It gives you a chance to experience their unique cocktails.

The Las Vegas strip is the epic center of the tourist experience, so finding a restaurant like Mijo a little off the beaten path gives credence to the belief that there is far more to Las Vegas than the strip. If you have not been to Durango, this hotel will accommodate you with everything you expect from Las Vegas. Still, whether you are a guest, a visitor or local, Mijo stands alone as a reason to go out of your way for dinner and drinks to help create that epic memorable Las Vegas night.

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