Taste of Athens Urban Adventure Review – A Great Introduction to Greek Food

Learn, Sample, Delight in Tastes of Greek Culinary Treats

Photo by Burt Davis
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Locals can often be found sitting outside the many shops that dot the streets in Athens. Our first stop was the Mokka Coffee Shop. Photo by Burt Davis

The Taste of Athens Urban Adventure  Tour is a creative delicious way to learn more about Athens with a small group of other adventurous people.  We increased our knowledge of the local food scene and markets during our visit to Athens in the summer of 2018.

Our guide Evilina Photo br Dianne Davis

Our excursion began at Kotzia Square, located in the heart of Athens. This square includes the Mayor’s house as well as several neo classical buildings. We met Evelina our tour guide and the other participants and headed for the Mokka Coffee Shop where we were introduced to the taste and ritual of Greek coffee,



Evelina explained that the coffee is brewed in a container placed in hot sand. Once the brewing is complete, the coffee is carefully poured into the cup. Photo by Dianne Davis

Photos by Dianne Davis









If the coffee is stirred, you will infuse it with grounds. For this reason, any sugar added to the coffee must be done prior to brewing. Do you want your fortune told? Then turn your empty cup over and inspect the configuration of the remaining grounds.

Photo by Burt Davis
Photo by Burt Davis













After folks satisfied their needs for a caffeine fix, we headed to the huge Varvakies Market. Evelina told us that more than 5,000 people visit the market each day. This is where restaurateurs as well as individual homemakers come to purchase food. We were overwhelmed by the wide variety of fresh fruits, raw meats, produce and fish on display. You could purchase squid of almost any size. We saw a freshly caught shark being cut up for sale.


Graffiti is everywhere. Photo by Burt Davis

After the hustle bustle of the market, it was good to visit the quiet pedestrian mall on Aiolou Street. As moved toward Aiolou Steet at a leisurely pace, we admired part of downtown Athens. It is often called a city of contrasts and the graffiti capital of the world. The contrast is between the ancient city and all the new construction. You don’t have to look very far to see the graffiti. Some of it is quite good – could be some future artists practicing here.

WE enjoyed sampling an array of Greek specialities. Photos by Dianne Davis


Our next stop was at the Meliartos Restaurant where we were sampled a variety of Greek Food. We had small sandwiches, Greek salad and tasty Moussaka and Spanakopit which is a Greek spinach pie. 

Evelina next led us to St. Irene Square. This area in the heart of Athens is a vivid and hipster neighborhood filled with spots for food and drinks. We visited Lukumades which is known for its deserts and drinks.

Lukumades or filled honey soaked donut ball is the house speciality. Photo by Dianne Davis

We sampled a variety of these treats washed down with coffee spiked with tsidoudia, a Grecian grape liquor. What a great end to a fun-filled eating experience.

As we walked in the Plaka district we looked up and saw the far off view of the Acropolis.  Here’s that view and a close up shot as well.    Photos by Dianne Davis

After finishing the tasty snack, we said our goodbyes at Government Square which is the entrance to the Plaka District and the Athens Flea Market where we spent the afternoon shopping.

The Taste of Athens Urban Adventure Tour was a delicious change of pace from visiting ancient ruins. It gave us a unique opportunity to explore the other side of Athens as well as fill our stomachs with local specialties. It is worth exploring.


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