The X Pot – Las Vegas Dining at its Finest

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Las Vegas is home to an endless array of amazing restaurants, with so many choices you just will run out of time or appetite trying to make way through them all. So finding a restaurant that wows all the senses and truly sets itself apart from the rest, says you have found something special. The X Pot inside the Grand Canal Shoppes at The Palazzo is simply as memorable and unique as anything in Las Vegas.

You really need no other reason to visit The X Pot beyond the fact that they serve purebred A5 Wagyu beef, which is flown in daily from Japan. If you are looking for decadence at the highest level, you will find it at The X Pot.

Wagyu Tartare

If you haven’t experienced Wagyu before, it is the best beef in the world and you can see it in the marbelization, the texture and the taste unparalled. To elevate the experience even more, the presentation from The X Pot is just breathtaking and perfect. The best way to get the most out of your experience is the Wagyu Feast. Using the word feast is not an overstatement, your really get to try the best of the best. The chef’s selectino includes ribeye cap, brisket and prime angus ribeye that you can cook to your liking in a hot soup base. In addition you get an assortment of sashimi on a Himalayan salt block grill. These selections include: filet mignon, ribeye, chuck short rib, short cube and the most flavorful and tender selection on the menu, the beef tongue. That sounds like a lot of Wagyu and it is, but if you really enjoy tartare, I would start your evening off with the Wagyu version, it is as good as it gets.


The X Pot does have some other selections if for some reason you are going to pass on the Wagyu. They have a wonderful seafood selection including: live lobster, Chilean sea bass, prime tiger shrimp, baby cuttlefish, squid and some other great choices. As you can tell, even their seafood is anything but typical.

Cooked Wagyu

Beyond what is an amazing culinary experience, their is much more to The X Pot than just the food. The restaurant is just beautiful, dark and intimate, but also set up for you to enjoy if you bring in the family or a group to celebrate. The service itself is up to the high Las Vegas standards and from the moment you sit down until the final sip of your cocktail or coffee, you are catered to at the highest level. Your server also gets a little bit of help with their robot sidekick, yes you read that right. A good portion of your is brought out to you via a small robot waiter. Add to that throughout the evening you get to enjoy a little entertainment with a mini show going on throughout the restaurant.


Let’s just say you didn’t come to Las Vegas to get a steak. You can get a steak and a good one in any city. You come to Las Vegas for what is going to wow you and leave with memories. When it comes to dining out, The X Pot does all of that and more. The X Pot is that one dinner experience that you will brag to your friends about and will be calling on your taste buds to visit on your next trip to Las Vegas.

Robot Server

The X Pot also has one of the best sake selections in all of Las Vegas and they range from good to over-the-top, hard to find sake. If you love to find new and unique cocktails, The X Pot is worth visiting just for that reason. They have four different versions of the classic Moscow Mule and then they really get creative with drinks such as Love & Money, which is centered around green tea vodka and chamomile tea syrup. It is an almost endless list of cocktails and each one sounds better than the last.

For more information, visit: The X Pot


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