Wow! Creations Pre-Oscar Celebrity Gift Lounge 2021 – Bringing the Fun and Gifting Back to Oscar Weekend

WOW !Creations with Oscar Nominee Paul Raci for "Sound of Metal"
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The Academy Awards are upon us and 2021 is bringing back the full blown red carpet and one of the most anticipated events of the weekend, the Wow! Creations Pre-Oscar Celebrity Lounge. Taking place at the Universal Hilton, just stops from all the fun at Universal Studios, guests were treated to a day that pampered them with gifts, food and more to kick off Oscar Weekend.

WOW! Creations celebrating the Academy Awards

Lena Laced

Entrepreneurship was shining with Lena Laced as her handcrafted skincare and old school soap were the find of the day. The Lena Laced line of products focus on all natural organic ingredients, which not only nourish and preserve the skin, but you can feel safe about applying to your skin. Incredibly in less than a year, Lena Laced has a full line of products that provides everything you might need from soap, to body butter, eye cream and the watermelon chia scrub that smells so good you might just want to take a bite. Lena Laced also uses CBD oil to increase the benefits of their products. Handcrafted in Laguna Beach, not only will you be supporting a wonderful small business, but you are going to get quality in every product. For more information, visit: Lena Laced

Rodney Foster (L) Fouder of Edelheiss

Guests were treated to a tasting of the 100% organic certified Edelheiss sparkling white wine. A perfectly refreshing and crisp wine that is very champagne like. Edelheiss also has a red, Riesling and sparkling rose in their collection. While the majority of wines you don’t know what you are getting in addition to your wine, with Edelheiss you are getting a great tasting wine that has no pesticides and no hidden chemicals. For more information, visit: Edelheiss


When it comes to cannabis nobody in California does it quite like Superbad Inc. Seven acres of indoor cultivation and over 1800 grow lights along with the highest quality grow and technology, means you get the most premium cannabis, pre-roller and vape products on the market. For more information, visit: Superbad Inc.

Molly Bz and her Boozy Cookies were simply the most addictive part of the day, with flavors that incorporated every type of liqueur you could think of. Molly Blakely starting extracting flavors and adding them into cookies creating such amazing flavors as her amaretto “Be Cordial” that packs in chocolate chips and cherry to complete the very cocktail esque cookie. You will also love the Pina Coladas, which is very Fruity Pebble like and the bacon and whiskey inspired “The Bossman”. For more information, visit: Molly Bz

Millennium Essence

Millennium Essence was showcasing their natural, toxin free selection of wonderfully and uniquely candles. Berenice and Jose Guadarrama founded Millennium Essence in 2019 and started making handcrafted candles that include selections such as Bergamot, Lime & Spice, which gives a bit of a more manly wood and musk scent or the Champagne Toast, that combines nectarine and blackcurrant. Beautifully designed along with a scent for everyone, these are a great candle for your own home or to give as a gift. For more information, visit: Millennium Essence

Frank Green French Press

Frank Green was gifting personalized reusable ceramic beverage containers that are unique and easy to use. Frank Green also offers a French Press and tea infuser along with a number of other high quality items that will last for years. For more information, visit: Frank Green

Olive Oil Pantry

The Olive Oil Pantry was sampling and gifting their olive oils and balsamic vinegars. They have perfected the flavor combinations for both products and have seemingly an endless selection. The Olive Oil Pantry has done an incredible job of incorporating a wide range of fruits into their balsamic, including the must try raspberry flavor For more information, visit: Olive Oil Pantry

Good Guy Coffee

Good Guy Coffee was sampling their organic and fair trade coffee that contributes to a number of great charities with each purchase. For more information, visit: Good Guy Coffee

Maya’s Cookies

Vegan cookies never tasted so good! Maya’s Cookies out of San Diego has perfected the vegan cookie and bring you flavor after flavor from all the classics you know and love to such versions as the “Drunken Grandma”, a combination of brown sugar oatmeal and rum-soaked raisins. For more information, visit: Maya’s Cookies

Jewelry on a Budget

Jewelry on a Budget truly lives up to their name as they offer up beautiful pieces of jewelry beginning at $5.

Aura Rainwater

For a little change to the typical bottled water and a lot more eco-friendly and pure, Aura has created a line of water that is bottled from rainwater. For more information, visit: Aura

Absinthia Awards

Absinthia was serving their medal winning absinthe that they have two varieties of, the blanche and verte. For more information, visit: Absinthia

Misaky Crystal Treats

Misaky Crystal Treats were sampling their Japanese treats which are Edible Crystals are made from seaweed, which is high in dietary fiber, and helps with digestion & the lowering of cholesterol. For more information, visit: Misaky

Fundamentals for Foster Care

FUNdamentals for Foster Care strives to improve and better stabilize the educational experience of foster children by providing them with Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics (STEAM) toys.  These STEAM toys serve to keep foster children actively engaged in their education especially during times of transition. For more information, visit: Fundamental’s for Foster Care.

Mark Harris with OSCAR WINNER Erik Messerschmidt from “Mank” for Cinematography.

Some of the other incredible participants included: La Casa del Camino, the iconic Laguna Beach hotel is open and makes for the perfect beachfront vacation. Premier Accounting & Business Consultants, LLC, who can take care of you during tax or help you with your business year round no matter where you are located. Tampon Tribe that is making sure that feminine products are healthy and safe to use as they are organic and made with no fillers. UnGUN helps people by assisting them in disarming trauma no matter what the cause or when it happened in their life. Manta Mask has an assortment of Hemp CBD facial sheet masks that are affordable and will make your skin look and feel amazing. With summer fast approaching, Swiminista is the perfect place to visit to get ready for the beach with a wide assortment of bathing suits. No Judgement, Just Love offers coaching and tips that will help with family, friends and just teaching you how to become the best person you can be. Strandz Unlimited has created a line of hair care products that  are made with moisturizing ingredients like watercress oil and bamboo, and free from toxins and allergens like sulfate, silicone, paraben, phthalate and gluten. Guests were also gifted the LifeVac, a choking rescue device that everyone should have in their home. Buss by Christy C Buss is an advanced medical grade skin care line that are all meant to bring you that youthful glow you are looking for. LBK Pizza was serving up their award-winning Neapolitan pizza. GLAMORE and owner Yemi Solomon, who is a Certified Image Consultant, Boutique Owner, Global Internet Radio Host, Fashion Stylist/Image Consultant for hundreds of clients through her company, was showcasing all of her fashion knowledge and the amazing lineup that she offers through GLAMORE. OMG was gifting products from their lineup of products that have tea infused ingredients along with certified botanical oils. Ranch Organics is home to a wide range of organic bath and body products and was gifting their wonderful goat milk soap.

WOW! Creations with Richard Kind

For more information, visit: WOW! Creations


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